12 Dope Black Painters You Should Know

12 Dope Black Painters You Should Know

Historically, Black painters have been ignored and overlooked, but their work is too dope to be ignored and overlooked today. They have made and are making some of the most amazing, inventive, and powerful art. Black painters are also contributing to the conservation of race and representation within the art world.

There are many more amazing Black painters, but here are 12 of them that you should know.

1. Jean-Michel Basquiat

Black Painter - Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat was born in 1960 and died in 1988. He developed an appreciation for art in his youth and drew public attention with his graffiti in New York City. Basquiat never finished high school but he is an influential artist that was befriended by many celebrities and artists, including Andy Warhol. He's an inspiration for many Black artists today. 

2. Kehinde Wiley

Kehinde is a Los Angeles native and New York based visual artist. He paints amazing, unique portraits. President Barack Obama chose Kehinde to paint his official portrait.

3. Brionya James

Brionya is an artist from Austin, TX who considers herself a "God Taught Artist"; she allows the spirit to express itself on canvas. Her inspiration comes from her life experiences, conversations, and revelations, among other things. Brionya considers her art to be urban and imaginative. 

4. Charly Palmer

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Charly is a graphic designer, illustrator, and instructor. Currently, his life is devoted to his creative goals. His work can be found in many private and public collections, including McDonald’s Corporation and the Coca Cola Company.

5. Chris Clark

Chris is a visual artist, an arts advocate, and a published author/illustrator. His work celebrates Black identity, culture, and beauty. 

6. Amy Sherald

Amy is the first black woman to paint an official First Lady portrait. Michelle Obama chose Amy to paint her official portrait.

7. Arrington Porter

Arrington is a visual artist and musician, among other things. He's produced dope commissioned works of art for celebrities. 

8. Delmaine Donson

Delmaine is an artist based in Cape Town, South Africa. She is inspired by women embracing their natural beauty. Her artwork is dedicated to the beauty of women, particularly women of color. 

9. Watson Mere

Watson is an artist of Haitian descent who has no formal training in art. He finds inspiration from the love, struggles, happiness, and pain of the people of the African diaspora. He hopes his art inspires people and allows people to think. 

10. DéVonté Giovanni Rhea

DéVonté is an artist from New Orleans, LA who discovered his passion for art while attending Xavier University of Louisiana. He creates captivating, abstract art that provokes thought.

11.  Chuck Styles

Chuck used to be a professional barber. Now, he's a self-taught artist based out of Philadelphia. He creates inspiring art pieces that bridge the connection between street art and urban culture with fine art.

12. Dawn Okoro

Dawn is a Nigerian American who works in Austin, Texas. She has a law degree, but her love of fashion, illustration, photography, and design increased her desire to become an artist. Her work has been featured in universities and museums. 



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