Black-Owned Bookstores 

Black-Owned Bookstores 

The great Maya Angelou once said, “Any book that helps children form a habit of reading, that makes reading a deep and continuing need, is good for them.”

Reading is fundamental, and so is supporting Black-owned businesses. Check out our list of Black-owned bookstores below. If you can’t get to a local one, consider supporting one online.



Pyramid Art, Books & Custom Framing | Little Rock, AR

This bookstore and art gallery was established in 1988 by Garbo Hearne. It brings enrichment, culture, and education to Little Rock by offering a large selection of books, among other things. This Black-owned establishment  also offers custom framing and hanging.



Ashay by the Bay | Oakland, CA

Ashay By The Bay is an independent minority-owned business. It is owned and operated by Deborah Day. Ashay specializes in African-American and multi-cultural children’s books. This Black-owned bookstore also hosts online book fairs for fundraising and events.


Carol’s Books | Sacramento, CA

Carol’s Books specializes in African-American literature. From rare books to bestsellers, this Black-owned bookstore has what you love to read!


Underground Books | Sacramento, CA

Underground Books is the literary hub of Oak Park. Since the closing of the only library in Oak Park in the 1970’s, this Black-owned bookstore served to ensure that the students and the community had access to books. Underground Books hosts book signings, lectures, poetry events, children’s story time, radio shows and much more!



MeJah Books, Inc. | Claymont, DE

MeJah Books, Inc. was founded by Emlyn DeGannes and is co-operated by her family. She has enjoyed support, growth, and success in the community since 1998. This Black-owned bookstore is a gathering place that provides information, resources and engagement of creative ideas.


Pyramid Books | Boynton Beach, FL

Pyramid Books is an African-American owned and operated bookstore. It has a wide array of books, including fiction, nonfiction, self-help, mysteries, spiritual, science fiction, urban, self-published and small press books, among others. This Black-owned bookstore also partners with school districts to sponsor book fairs and conferences to promote literacy.


Best Richardson African Diaspora Literature & Culture Museum | Tampa, FL

Best Richardson African Diaspora Literature & Culture Museum is a non-profit, independent, veteran and woman-owned museum, bookstore, and gift shop. It provides customers, both youth and adult, with educational artifacts and information on African Diaspora literary and cultural history.



Medu Bookstore | Atlanta, GA

Medu Bookstore is owned by Nia Damali. This Black-owned bookstore specializes in culturally significant and often hard to find books that are written, published, and distributed for the alertness and enjoyment of its readers. 

Black Dot Cultural Center & Bookstore | Lithonia, GA 

The Black Dot Cultural Center and Bookstore was born out of a love and appreciation of Afrikan culture and heritage. Adigun Kazemde Ajamu had a vision for a sacred space where his people could come together and break bread. If you are a lover of books, culture, and just good ol' southern hospitality, check out this Black-owned bookstore.



Semicolon | Chicago, IL

Semicolon is a Black woman-owned bookstore and gallery space. BYOB to get the full experience of your favorite museum/library/bookstore all rolled into one.


The Wild Fig | Lexington, KY

The Wild Fig is a sacred space that operates as a cooperatively-owned and worker-owned radical bookstore, coffee shop, and community event space. It was founded by Kentucky writer Crystal Wilkinson and her partner Ronald Davis. When tough times threatened to close the bookstore, it was sold to a quickly formed “Wild Fig Cooperative” to carry a legacy of an inclusive, grounding space where community members find their voice and collective vision.

New York

The Lit Bar | NYC

Self-proclaimed “proprietress” Noëlle Santos is an Afro-Latina, hailing from the Bronx. The Lit Bar encourages curious readers and welcomes literary and community gatherings—while the wine bar connects the great pastimes of social sipping and introverted reading.


Sisters Uptown Bookstore | NYC

Janifer P. Wilson founded Sisters Uptown Bookstore. This Black-owned bookstore is family owned and operated. It provides resources for people to nurture their minds, hearts and souls, and hosts events.


Mocha Books | Tulsa, OK

Educator and bookseller, Shionka McGlory, founded Mocha Books. This online/mobile bookstore encourages and fosters reading in and outside of the home, while giving access to books with characters of color and stories by authors of color. 



Books and Stuff | Philadelphia, PA

Books and Stuff is a Black-owned book/gift shop that sells new, multi-cultural books and gifts for children, teens and adults. Its books are primarily Afrocentric.



Black Pearl Books | Austin, TX

This is a minority-woman-owned Indie bookstore. Check it out next time you're in Austin, Texas.  

The Dock Bookshop | Fort Worth, TX

The Dock Bookshop hopes to inspire, inform, entertain and edu-tain its customers. This Black-owned bookstore sells books and apparel, and hosts book-related events in a relaxing and spacious environment.


Washington D.C.

Mahogany Books | Washington D.C.

Mahogany Books is a family-owned, independent bookstore that believes in social entrepreneurship. This Black-owned DC bookstore specializes in books written for, by or about people of the African Diaspora. It also hosts a series of social media lives and videos that feature authors discussing their newly published books.



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